How to Activate My Roku TV

Just brought a new Roku TV to your home? Bingo, you have taken a great leap towards world-class TV experience. You need to get done with Roku TV activation to begin enjoying your favorite TV shows and channels. So what’s holding you back? Is it the limited knowledge of the process to activate your Roku TV? Don’t get worried, with a little guidance, you could make through. Guess what are the perks of activating your Roku device? Well, you could watch almost everything from Netflix to Hulu and the list goes on. Let’s check out How to Activate My Roku TV.

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Figuring out the first step, to begin with your Roku Activation? The procedure involves following a handful of steps to activate your Roku TV, which is listed below step by step:


Beginning With Roku Activation Procedure


Struggling to know How To Activate My Roku TV? Here is your solution.

Roku TV gives you a viable way to seamlessly enjoy your favorite TV channels from the comfort of your home. But before you sit back on your couch for those entertainment sessions, you need to get done with Roku television activation. It’s a fairly easy process, given you follow the step-by-step procedure mentioned here.


A Few Must-Haves Before You Activate Your Roku TV


Roku is a smart device that automatically stores the channels you have installed during the process as well as your settings and preferences. But to store all of your details and churn out a personalized TV experience, Roku wants you to create a Roku account with your valid email address.

The whole procedure regarding How To Activate My Roku TV could be carried out using this URL, create an account. In addition, you might want to choose a password that is strong and secure to avoid any security breach.


Step By Step Procedure to Activate Your Roku TV


Activating your Roku smart TV would feel like a kid’s stuff if you stick with the quick start guide you have received with your Roku TV during purchase.

  1. The first and foremost step involves connecting your Roku TV to the Internet. Just simply follow the guided on-screen instructions until completion.
  2. While connected to the internet, your Roku TV might download and install new software if available.
  3. Once done, your Roku device will prompt a link code such as “XD12G”. Keep a note of this link code as you will be prompted to enter Roku TV code in the next step.
  4. Now, open this URL,com/link on your laptop or desktop’s browser. Double-check if you have typed it correctly before you proceed.
  5. As the website opens on your browser, it prompts you to insert the link code that you have with you. Enter the code and click submit to proceed.
  • If you have successfully submitted the code, then you will be redirected to the “Roku Account Creation” page. Seeing an error message during the process? There might be a potential error that you could get fixed by contacting customer support or remote technical support.
  • Important Note: It is crucial to get done with these steps in order to activate your Roku TV player. Even if a slight issue remains there, your device will not be activated.
  1. Simply enter the details and create a new Roku account or input the existing details of your Roku account.
  2. During Roku account creation, you will be asked to add a payment method. You could choose to enter your credit card details as it allows you to swiftly buy channel subscriptions, renting or buying your favorite TV shows and movies, and making a purchase from the Roku Channel Store. Just because you have entered your payment details doesn’t mean that you will be charged by surprise. To make a purchase, you will always have to go through the additional steps, so nothing comes as a surprise to you. The feature is there to help you in quick checkout without needing to enter payment details over and over again in the future.
  • For your ease of transaction, a majority of credit cards are readily accepted. You could even add your PayPal account as a payment method.
  • Though your payment details are secured with Roku, still, in addition, Roku also gives you a facility to create a PIN for your Roku account and add an extra layer of security to your Roku account to prevent unauthorized access.

Once you get done with all of these steps, your issue on How To Activate My Roku TV is solved.  Roku TV will be activated and ready to use to kill the boredom in your life.


Wrapping it Up


After going through the Roku television activation procedure, how do you find it? Easy or tricky? Put simply, jump-starting with your Roku Activation gets complicated, especially if you are a first-time user. What if you land into error messages popping out on your screen? Things will slip out of your hands, obviously. It’s the reason most people choose to avail support from Roku device activation experts and you could too if you value peace of mind.

Need quick help with Roku TV activation? Being top Roku TV specialists, we help people in swift activation of their Roku TVs and could help you too. Call us at 844-687-1001 to activate your Roku device right from the convenience of your home and in a few minutes. Reach us to avail Roku TV remote assistance now! Now you know How to Activate My Roku TV, enjoy great content and channels with your friend and family.



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