How to Activate Roku TV

Roku TV is the one with the latest technology, simplest yet smartest, interface which helps and guides online streaming and with many other additional benefits. Roku TV is a smart TV which provides you the comfort of watching Live TV. In addition, the feature of viewing and searching movies and other TV shows and Live TV gives it a plus point. But to have all these advantages, you must activate your Roku. With this article, know How to Activate Roku TV quickly.


Steps to follow for Roku activation


There are a few steps that Roku TV activation requires. And these are:

  • Unpacking
  • Attaching the base or the wall mount
  • Connecting
  • Following the setup wizard to activate Roku

You will get all the information regarding these in detail to activate your Roku as you go through this article.


Must-haves on How to activate Roku TV?


  1. Internet Connection: You will need an Internet connection either, wired or non-wired, to stream movies and shows.
  2. Roku Account: And of course! To stream Roku TV, you should have a Roku account.

You do not have to worry about how to activate Roku TV. In traditional ways, you have the option to use it as a Traditional TV without connecting to the Internet and as a Smart TV by linking it to the Internet.


Activating Roku TV


For your Roku TV activation, here goes the easy-made guide with step-by-step instructions which will answer your question of How to activate Roku TV?


  1. Inserting batteries: At first, insert the batteries in the remote. Remove the cover, get the cells of the correct size, enclose them, and attach the top again to the remote.
  2. Switch-on the TV: The second step is to Switch on the TV. First, make sure that there is a power supply to the main switch. Now to ensure if the TV has the power – You can get the confirmation by the light below the TV screen. Now click on the Power button on the remote, and you will see the Guided setup screen in few seconds.
  3. Language Settings: Thereafter, select the desired language. By choosing the language of your choice – you are setting up the settings by which all the texts and the dialogue box will appear in the language selected by you. Here you have the option to choose the language of your choice among a lot of options. You can scroll up and down and set the language that you understand.
  4. Selecting Use purpose: Select and set the setting to ‘Home use’ (as in most of the cases, you set it up for Home use), if not using for commercial purposes.
  5. Establishing Connections: The fifth step on How to activate Roku TV, is establishing connections to the Internet and with your network. Scan your available Wi-Fi or join the wired data connection to connect. If you are unable to find your data connection among the ones shown, re-scan to diagnose it again. Once detected, enter the password to enable it to connect. After entering the password, it will get joined to your network and data connection.
  6. Downloading the Software: You will need to download the software for Roku (OS Software). When you will download the software, reboot it for completing the installation.
  7. Creating and activating the account: To activate Roku TV, you need to have a Roku account. To begin with, make a Roku account and then set up the same to enjoy watching and surfing movies, shows, and other entertainment clips through your Roku TV. Setting up a Roku account not only helps you to connect and enjoy the Roku services but also keeps track of the devices you have, your playlists, your subscriptions, whether free or purchased and various other activities. On completing these steps – you will be able to activate the Roku account. You will get the instructions on your TV screen, followed by the activation code to actuate Roku TV. link create account
  8. Setting up the screens: The next step after activation is setting up the screen. Now connect the various other devices first before setting up and connecting all the tools. If there is a Home theatre or a DVD player or cable box, join all of them.
  • When setting up the screen, make sure all the devices are plugged in and connected to the power supply as you will get a pop-up message for this.
  • Now refer to the pop-up messages received and follow through them to complete the process.
  • Thereafter, Click ‘Ok’ and again ‘Ok’ for the reconfirmation that the devices are connected.
  • Now set up a name and an icon of your choice for the connected device to the input. You can select one from the menu by scrolling up and down from the drop-down menu or can customize it as per your choice.
  • If there is no device connected to the input and then selects nothing.
  • You will need to follow this step of selecting the name and icon for every input


9 Using Live TV: This step is not compulsory but, you will have to go through this if you are using the option of         Live TV. When you choose Live TV for the first time, you will get a pop-up message for scanning the available channels. All you have to do is follow the instructions, and you are ready to watch all the options by your broadcaster.

And this is How to activate Roku TV, And get the maximum benefit from it and enjoy it to the most.

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