How to Fix Roku Error Code 003

When your Roku is not able to update the latest software. Sometimes, it shows an error code. The error occurs when the network has failed and the server is not found. Though utilizing the Roku streaming device is simply easy, there are circumstances when the Roku error code 003 occurs. You don’t need to stress, as there are steps that can lead to the solution of this error. Let’s know How to Fix Roku Error Code 003.

How to fix Roku Error code 003


1. Make certain that you have a stable and good internet connection.

2. Also make sure that the wireless network username and password that you have entered is accurate. Now, check the SSID of the network and the password is ‘WEP’ or ‘WPA’.

3. Set your router and Roku close enough. This will help get strong wireless signal strength.

4. Restart your Roku. Go to Settings> System and then System Restart. If you are using Roku TV, then go to Settings, then System, then Power, and finally System Restart to restart your device.

5. Try to switch to a different network.

6. Restart your router by following the instructions that are given in the user manual.


Ethernet And Wireless


Just in case the Roku Error 003 continues to persist, then attempt using an Ethernet connection rather than a wireless connection. Some Roku devices can connect to the network using wired as well as wireless connections. Hence some Roku devices are capable of connecting to the Ethernet. Connecting Roku to the modem by Ethernet cable gives a firmer and a more stable connection. For a wireless connection, you will need a LAN cable to connect your Roku to the router. Plug one end of the wire to the router and the other end to the Roku device. 

Several factors can cause the Roku error code 003 issues. Listed under are the troubleshooting measures you need to do to bring an end to the problem of How to fix Roku Error code 003.

  • Poor network connection may be the prime reason for this error because while updating the software the device needs a reliable internet connection.
  • Network security protocols issues can also be one of the reasons for the error.
  • Server problems at the backend are very common. See all forums or websites to know if the server is down for maintenance or any other reasons. In case the server is under maintenance, wait for the server to get back to the normal. Thereafter, try updating the Roku device.
  • An added reason can be the old version of your device. The Roku team launches numerous updates frequently to add new features or to remove problems.

You can also try changing network settings. Locate the default IP address of your router that is printed on the backside of the router. With the IP address log into the web management page of your router. It is something like ‘’. Then go to the settings options and choose the Wireless option. Verify if the safety protocol is set as AES. If yes, change it to WPAK2-PSK and save the settings. At last, update the software to the latest version and check if the error code 003 has been resolved. In addition to fixing errors, the update also makes your device error-free, which further helps increase the device’s lifetime.

Roku sends the update for different Roku models frequently. For the update process, you need to have a high-speed internet connection. If your device lost an internet connection, then your software update will not be processed. Therefore, you will get a Roku error 003 and if you get the error frequently, then it may be a system or network error. It is also feasible that the Roku server is temporarily out of service. Hence, you need to wait for some minutes and try again. Always make sure that while updating Roku software you do not use any kind of proxy server, that might cause a disturbance with your internet connection. 


Update your Roku manually


Error Code 003 can also happen if you are unable to connect to channels with the internet connection. If you are still puzzled about  “How to Fix Roku Error Code 003,” In this case, you can update your Roku software manually. Follow the below-mentioned steps to manually update your Roku. 

  1. Hold the Home button on the Roku remote control till the Roku menu appears on-screen.
  2. Go to the Settings option and then press the Right-arrow key on the remote.
  3. Now go to System and choose System update.
  4. After that manually check and install updates by choosing Check now option.
  5. Roku will then scan new system updates. 

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We know it brings you anxiety when you see such errors appearing on the display of your screen when you are enjoying your time streaming the best online content. But such errors are common if the internet connection is not stable. You don’t have to worry about How to fix Roku Error code 003, just follow the quick and straightforward steps mentioned above and fix the bug. 

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