How to Fix Roku Error Code 009

The Roku error code 009 indicates that your Roku device is connected to the router but not with the internet connection. In simple words, your Roku device is incapable of connecting with the internet connection. Therefore, you cannot stream any content on the device, but you can resolve this issue quickly and easily. Many times, restarting or resetting the Roku device resolves the issue. However, if you still face the issue, follow the below steps to know How to Fix Roku Error Code 009. 

How to Fix Roku Error Code 009

 The troubleshooting steps to solve the Error are: 

  • Switch off the Roku device and unplug the main power cable. 
  • Now, you need to turn off the router which provides the internet connection.
  • After around 2 to 3 minutes turn on the wireless router.
  • After establishing the internet connection, switch on the Roku device.
  • Reconnect the Roku device to the network and verify if the issue is fixed or not.

If you still face the Roku Error 009 issue, then the user is advised to perform the below-mentioned troubleshooting techniques of the Roku device.

Check the Roku Device

There are possibilities that your Roku device is not running properly or suffering from some technical issues. This can also lead to the Roku error code 009. Check the device properly. 

Check for the server

To resolve the error 009 issue, check the server at the backend. There can be a server concern with the internet provider or with Roku’s backend server. Please check with the service provider once. 

Update the firmware of the router 

The obstacle may arise due to the old firmware of the router. Hence, we recommend that the user should refresh the firmware of the Roku to eliminate this error and to make Roku run smoothly.

Change the DNS configuration

If the problem of error 009 continues, then the user is advised to perform the DNS configuration settings. You can do this by changing the ACL/MAC address filtering. Thereafter, you can check whether it resolves the Roku error 009.

Change the configuration of the network settings

Try to change the configuration of the network settings to resolve the error 009. Probably the basis of connectivity problems can be the incorrect network configuration. You can change the setting with the below method.  

  • At first, open the settings option and log in to your Roku account.
  • Secondly, choose the System Restart option.
  • Click on the Network Connection Reset option.

Wait till the device completed the instructions and restarts automatically. Thereafter, set up a new Wi-Fi connection with the Roku device.

Other methods for How to Fix Roku Error Code 009

If the issue persists, you can opt for some additional methods to solve this issue.

> Separate all the cables that connect all the devices with Roku and check whether there are any faulty cables or adapters. 

> You can also resolve this issue by getting the speed of your internet improved.

> Update the software of the Roku device to add new features to it.

Use the above-mentioned steps to bring an end to the problem of How to Fix Roku Error Code 009. 

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The causes of the occurrence of Roku Error Code 009

There can be different reasons for different devices to show the Roku error code 009. However, the most common possible reasons are as below:

  1. Sever error at the back-end is quite a common problem. In this case, you can only wait until the back end server problem is resolved completely. 
  2. The poor internet connection can be a big common reason for this issue. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection. When the device updates the software, it requires a proper and stable internet connection. 
  3. Security protocol issues with the Roku device also create an issue. Ensure that you do not set the security model as AES.
  4. Incorrect Activation code is also one of the reasons for Roku error code 009. While setting up the device check the activation code properly. 
  5. An outdated version of the device is also the main cause that produces error code 009. If the device is not updated to the current version, immediately update the Roku device to the current version. Roku releases several updates time and again, which also brings the latest features for your device. These updates support in making the device fault-free so that you can enjoy the streaming smoothly. 
  6. Some cables used for connecting the devices might be loose. Loose or faulty cables can cause Roku error code 009. Make certain that there are no faulty or loose cables or adapters. 

If you face this issue and don’t know How to Fix Roku Error Code 009, you must follow the above process and find the best solutions for eliminating ROKU error code 009. We have explained these steps in a simple manner which will help you resolve the issue easily. 


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