How to Pair a New Roku Remote

All your Roku devices come with add on parts of the gadget whether it is a streaming player or a Roku stick. These help you in the smooth operation of your Roku device. You get a  power adaptor, a Roku remote, and Roku batteries. To operate your Roku, you all need a Roku remote, and for its use, you must know how to pair a new Roku remote?


All of you need a Roku remote and need to pair it to begin streaming. If you cannot work with your Roku device, it is necessary to pair your Roku remote. Thereafter, you can control the movements of your Roku device and enjoy streaming.


Remote Types

The Roku remote comes in two types. One is with the pairing button, and the other remote comes without a pairing button. Though one remote does not have the pairing button, you will get to know how to pair it without a specific pairing button in the passage below.

  1. Infrared Remote: The infrared remote or the IR remote comes without a specific button for pairing, and it requires that the Roku remote be in direct sight of your Roku player to complete pairing.
  2. Enhanced Remote: The enhanced remote comes with a pairing button. You do not need to keep in direct sight for pairing with your Roku device.

Difference in Features

These two remotes do not only differ due to the pairing button option only. There is a difference due to other features too.

Remote Buttons: The Remotes both the IR Roku remote and the enhanced remote come with the usual operating buttons, the home button, navigation buttons, volume buttons, and other options.

The additional features: However, the enhanced remote has some extra features like a microphone and a headphone jack.

How to Pair a New Roku Remote

The steps below cover how to pair a new Roku remote?

Let’s begin with the steps for pairing the IR remote.

  1. The first step is joining the Roku player to the TV unit and connecting both with the power source to start the TV and the Roku player. The connection further starts the working of the Roku remote as establishing a connection with the remote is not possible without the power supply to the TV unit and the Roku device.
  2. Thereafter, to pair the Roku remote, press the input button on the remote that comes with your TV. Doing this is actually changing your TV unit to the HDMI input of the Roku streaming player. The input button is also known as the source button.
  3. For pairing your Roku remote, the remote must have power and should be in working condition. For the working of your Roku remote, insert the batteries in the backside compartment of your Roku remote. The batteries act as a power source for the remote.
  4. Keep your remote in the sight of your Roku stream player and starts pairing your remote. For pairing, press any button on your remote as the IR remote does not have the pairing switch.

You must also take care that while pairing with the IR remote, nothing shall hinder the line of sight between the Roku remote and the Roku player.


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How to pair the enhanced remote? 

An Enhanced remote comes with a pairing button.

  1. The first step for pairing both the remotes remains the same. You first need to connect your Roku device or stream player with your TV and then link the TV with the power unit.
  2. The next step in how to pair a new Roku remote is changing the TV into HDMI input. To do this, you need to press the source button on the TV remote.
  3. After this, you must start your Roku Remote. By this, we mean keeping the remote in an operational capacity. Open the backside of the Roku remote and place the batteries inside. By doing this, the Roku remote will start working.
  4. Since the Roku remote you are pairing with is an enhanced Roku remote, you need not keep it directly in front of the Roku player. Keep it anywhere close to the Roku device, and the pairing of the remote will start.
  5. When the pairing begins, you will see a message displayed on the screen. It depicts the start of pairing. Once the pairing is complete, you are ready to use the Roku remote.


These are the two ways for pairing your Roku remotes. While one remote comes with a pairing button, and the other does not have a pairing button, the steps almost remain the same. You need to take care of the line of sight while pairing remotes.

Where do you find the pairing button?

You need to know where the pairing button is before you start pairing the Roku remote. The pairing button for the remote is near the chamber of batteries. It is where you place the batteries to start with working on your Roku remote.

The steps to locate the pairing button on the Roku remote are:

  1. Turn your remote to the backside or front side to locate the indicator light. The place of the indicator light depends on the model of your Roku stream player.
  2. Locate the compartment where you put in the batteries. Below the battery compartment, you will see a small button. It is close to the light. This button is the pairing button.


These are the necessary things you must know about how to pair a new Roku remote?

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