How to Watch Hulu Live on Roku

How to Watch Hulu Live on Roku

Hulu is now one of the most famous and widely used streaming platforms. Along with its vast library containing not only famous tv shows and movies but also many original content it has with many other perks. Are you struggling on How to Watch Hulu Live on Roku ? Read our Guide. 

Hulu is a popular video service that allows people to stream popular TV shows in the United States and Japan. A person can watch Hulu at home but also on the go using any of your streaming devices available like most of the other streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime. But one of the major differences between them and Hulu which can be considered as one of its many other perks is it gives much earlier access to many tv shows. Along with this last year Hulu also added the feature to download them so that people can watch it offline like many other streaming platforms had already done. 

To accompany these it also has many affordable plans starting $6/month. But the plan Hulu+ Live TV starts at $55/month having an initial free trial period of 7 days. It also has an add-on option to get additional stuff on monthly subscriptions like HBO, Showtime, etc

All of these can be streamed in different quality levels which are dependent on your internet speed. Another perk of Hulu is it can adjust the quality of the streaming according to your internet speed for smooth and uninterrupted experience

Roku TV claims to be more than a smart TV – a better TV. Roku partnered with Hisense to introduce the first TV -the Roku TV with the Roku operating system

With a simple home screen, easy-to-use remote, automatic software updates accompanied by voice search on mobile applications make it very easy to use. It provides the feature to watch live TV or stream approximately 150000+ paid or free channels.

If you have subscribed to the Hulu +Live TV plan, know How to Watch Hulu Live on Roku. If you want to check the compatibility for doing so you should visit the “About” page of your Roku. Hulu +Live TV provides access to 60+ live and on-demand channels including the feature to record the Live TV like DVR recording

In order to watch Hulu+Live TV you need to have a subscription to it (obviously), then you need to install the Hulu channel on your Roku. To do so first you need to use your remote and press the Home button. After doing so you need to select the ‘Streaming Channels’ on the left side of your screen. Then you need to click on the ‘Search Channels’ option and search for Hulu.

After it appears in the search result you need to click on the ‘Add Channel’ option and after it has been installed you need to press the ‘OK’ option.

In order to now start watching it press the ‘Home Screen’ option again and then you just need to find the Hulu channel and fill in your account details to start watching

Many people have come across the issue of Hulu Not Working on Roku and How to Watch Hulu Live on Roku. Well one of the reasons why Hulu is Not working on Roku can be compatibility issues. In today’s date most of the models are compatible with Hulu+Live TV but still some of the older versions are not compatible with it.

Roku Streaming Players with model nos. between 2400 and 3100 and also Roku Streaming Stick of model nos. 3420 or earlier are not compatible and thus cannot play Hulu +Live TV.

To answer the question as to how to know the model no. of your device in order to check if your Roku is compatible with Hulu+Live TV or not the first step is to go to the ‘Settings’ and the click on the ‘System’ option and lastly click on the ‘About’ option. By doing so you will find your model no. on the screen.

After checking if your Roku is compatible to stream Hulu+Live TV and updating it if it is not; if the problem of Hulu Not Working on Roku persists you should restart the Roku device.

The first step in doing so is to turn the device off by removing the plug and waiting for a minute before restarting it by plugging it back in. Even after plugging it back, wait for a while before navigating to the home screen. There go to the settings option where you need to select the ‘System’ option and then move on to the ‘Power’ option. After doing so you need to select the ‘System Restart’ option.If for some reason you are unable to restart it contacting the Roku technicians is your best option

If the problem of Hulu Not Working on Roku still remains then another reason could be that Hulu might be down at that moment. And if that is the case one of ways to check is by visiting the official Hulu page to get the information whether it is down or not.

If the issue still persists, you may call our Experts for the solution. If you have any other issue like Roku Activation or related to Roku activation code, our expert team is always there to help you. Now you know How to Watch Hulu Live on Roku, enjoy it with your friends and family. 

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