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Streaming is the new trend in the technology world where Roku is a well-established name. Roku provides you with an unlimited source of entertainment. To start streaming, you have to just activate your Roku device and then enter the link code on it. Complete the Roku Link code activation and enjoy unlimited streaming.

Now, streaming players are giving more emphasis on providing the users with an uncomplicated way to stream the video and audio contents. However, often, many users are not able to get the activation of the Roku on their device and are also unable to enter link code and get the Roku activation code process completed. So do not panic, you can just follow these simple steps and enjoy the hassle-free streaming.


How to Find Roku activation code?


Roku Activation Link is used for activating Roku Streaming Player or Device. By completing the Link code activation process with Roku Account you can see all your favorite movies, series, channels, shows, dramas, etc.


Follow these steps and know how to find Roku activation code, and relish the streaming of your favorite content through the help of internet connection.

Step 1: At the first complete the hardware connections and power up your device.

Step 2: Now join your device with the internet connection and then update the software of the Roku.

Step 3: Once the update is completed, your device will restart and save these changes. Then it will display the activation code for your device.

Step 4: The Roku activation code is a mix of numbers and letters. For example, “SB27K”

Step 5: Please note down the code to further enter link code

Keep this code for the activation process.


Enter link code and Activate Roku Device 


> To enter the link code, first, connect your Roku player to power.


> Switch on your Desktop or Laptop Computer


> Open the Web-Browser


> Navigate to Roku. Com/Link (URL:


> Now, for Roku activation enter link code & click on ‘Submit.’ Please note: The Roku activation code is a mix of numbers and alphabets.


> Next, log in with Roku Account


> Follow the given instruction to finish the process.


> You will get to see a message that ‘ You are all set up.’


> At last, your Roku Device will perform some updates, after which your link code activation process is completed. You can then enjoy unlimited streaming with Roku Device.


After you know how to find Roku activation code and you have successfully activated Roku, you can then move to add channels on Roku. How to do that? See the steps below:


How can I add channels to Roku?


After Roku activation code process , you can add channels to your Roku. Roku streaming player has the Roku Channel Store to add new channels. As we have app stores and play stores in our mobile devices. There are numerous channels available in the Roku Channel Store, some have a one-time charge, some of them require a paid subscription whereas several others are free. To add channels to your Roku, follow the below steps.


> Sign in to Roku account

> Use the page,

> Now, Select Streaming Channels for opening the Channel Store.

> List of featured, latest and popular categories is at the top of the Channel Store. You can enter a keyword in Search Channels to get options based on the title of a channel.

> After that select the channels options and then click the ‘add channel’ button to add your choice of channel.

> If the channel selected is “free” then by selecting add channel the channel gets installed on your Roku device.

> In case it is a paid one, it will navigate you to the channel buy screen where you can pay for the channel subscription.

> If you have a Roku account PIN, then you will have to enter it and if you do not have a PIN, you have to set a purchase pin.

> Enter your payment information and enjoy the channel. Just in case your payment information is out-of-date, you have to update it.

If the channels are not showing up now or if it does not enables you to add up channels. Just reboot your device and see if this can fix the issue. If it still does not show up, you can also update your device to the latest version to fix the error.

Add: How to create or update the PIN for your Roku?


Steps for Roku Account Creation


Creating an account is necessary to stream all kinds of channels, whether free or paid. In addition to this, the Roku account benefits you in keeping a record of channel preferences, purchases, and related activities.


  1. Open using a web browser.
  2. Now go through the Roku terms and conditions.
  3. After agreeing to terms and conditions, fill out personal information like name, address, zip code, etc.
  4. Now for Roku account creation, you must create a unique Roku PIN for additional security of your account.
  5. Lastly, complete the Roku account creation by entering your credit card information. Please Note: The charges will come into effect when you buy any paid/public channel.

With Roku, you get the convenient features that you can always take advantage of like voice search, private listening, Single sign-on, and so on.


Now you know how to find How to Find Roku activation code?

Link Code Activation is a simple process and can be completed quickly and easily with the above-mentioned steps. Why wait? Hurry up! And Enter link code, activate your Roku account, add channels, and start streaming with your friends and family. Enjoy that extra hour at home with unlimited streaming and a bundle of entertainment.

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