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The Roku Stick is a streaming device that provides you with streaming entertainment channels, Tv shows, series, and what not. However, there are times when the Roku device might stop working or the screen freezes. At such times, it is often a recommendation to Reset Roku stick.

It is resetting, rebooting, or restarting the Roku stick.


Why do you often need to reset your Roku stick?

There are times when your Roku stick is operating fine, with the latest version of the software. The channels also work fine, but there might be one channel that gets stuck every time you try to run it. In such a case, you might be resetting your device every other time.

However, to resolve this problem, you can delete that particular channel once and reload it again to keep it working.

Often improper working of the software, a bug issue, or a channel not working properly results in Roku stick freezing. It is then necessary resetting of the Roku stick.


How to know if your device needs resetting?

  • Your device is now working slower than usual.
  • Your Roku stick freezes frequently.
  • You are facing issues with operating or running a particular channel.


Types of Roku reset

There are two ways to reset the Roku stick.

  1. Soft Reset
  2. Factory Reset or Hard reset

Soft Roku Reset is restarting the Roku device. In this type of reset, the stick restarts without losing data of the device.

Roku Factory Reset is the master reset that results in losing all the personal settings done to the Roku stick.


How to perform a soft reset and hard reset ( factory reset ) on Roku stick?

Resetting the Roku stick using Remote


Soft Reset: To perform a Soft reset, you need to follow the steps below. The soft resets will restart your Roku stick without any changes in the settings. There are several buttons on the Roku remote you are using. However, you will require the use of 4 buttons to Reset Roku stick

    • Home Button
    • Up Button
    • Rewind Button
    • Fast forward Button

Press the home button five times, the up button one time, and then the rewind and fast forward buttons two times each. Pressing these buttons works for every model of Roku sticks, even the older ones.


For the advanced/newer models

On the Home screen – you will find the Settings icon.

  • Go to the option of Settings.
  • Then go to system>Power>System restart.

Following these options will restart or reboot your system after a soft reset.


For the older versions of the Roku stick

  • There is a reset button on the stick. Press that button for resetting. You can find the Reset button on the backside of the stick. If the reset button is a pinhole button, you might need a paper clip or a thin- long stick or probably a tooth-pick to press the reset button.
  • Once you release the reset button, the Roku stick will restart.


Hard Reset or Factory Reset

If you are still facing issues after a soft reset. The device might require a factory reset.


Factory reset

Factory reset means a complete reset of your device. It results in:

  • Roku Factory reset results in erasing all the settings of your Roku stick along with all the personalized changes you make. It will also remove all the changes related to channels saved and other settings on the Roku stick.
  • Your Roku account will also unlink for the Roku device, and it will require linking it again once you are over with factory reset. You can reconnect with the Roku stick by logging in with your Roku account. Therefore, you will need your credentials (email and the password) for linking your Roku account to access the services.
  • The Roku device/stick after the factory reset is free of all the changes made on the device for use.

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How to perform a factory reset on a Roku stick?


Using Roku remote

  1. There is a home button on the Roku remote. Press the home button to begin a Roku factory reset of the Roku device.
  2. To reset Roku stick, further move to the settings option. You can use the scroll buttons to move up and down for selecting settings.
  3. In the settings option, select system settings and then advanced system settings.
  4. Thereafter, choose the option to Factory reset.
  5. Select Factory reset everything. After that, you will receive the instructions; follow all to complete the hard reset.


Using the Reset button

You can perform hard rest on your Roku stick by using the Reset button on the device. The reset button is found on the backside of the Roku device or at the bottom. The Reset button is either tactile or a pinhole button. With a pinhole button, you might need a paperclip for resetting the device. However, you can also use a tooth-pick to press the reset button.


How to reset?

To start with resetting the device, ensure that the Roku stick has the power-on. After that, press the Reset button on the Roku device for some 10 seconds. Once the Roku factory reset is complete, the indicator or the light on the stick will blink swiftly, indicating the completion of the Roku stick reset.


Can you reset Roku stick without Remote? If yes, then how do you reset?

To reset Roku stick without remote is the same as resetting the Roku device using the hardware reset button (Refer to the details above – Resetting the Roku device with the Reset button for both soft and hard reset). It is manually resetting the Roku device/Roku stick.


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