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Roku is an online Digital Streaming player which helps you to watch online videos and shows. It is one of the prominent streaming players in the industry. Roku provides various kinds of TV shows, online video content, and additional exclusive features. It provides users with countless options for streaming, both paid and unpaid. You can also go with all the unpaid services if you do not purpose to buy any subscription. To enjoy the unlimited streaming content you need to create a Roku account. Go to the Roku com link to enter code and enjoy streaming. 

What is the Roku com link to enter code?

 The Roku link code activation is the code you get when you activate your Roku account. If you are accessing Roku for the first time and signing up for a new account, you will get a Roku activation code to activate your Roku account.

Roku com link to enter code and Activate Roku Device 


  • Firstly, connect your Roku player to power.
  • Turn on your Desktop or Laptop Computer.
  • Start the Web-Browser and Go to Roku. Com/Link (URL:
  • Thereafter, for the Roku com link to enter code click on ‘Submit.’
  • After that, log in to your Roku Account and follow the presented instructions to complete the activation process.
  • Once the process is completed you will get a notification stating‘ You are all set up.’
  • Lastly, the Roku Device will perform some updates, following which your link code activation process completes.

How to locate the Roku activation code?


The activation code is used for activating Roku Streaming Player. Follow these steps to find the Roku activation code, and enjoy streaming your favorite content.

  • Firstly, perform the hardware attachments and power on your device.
  • Thereafter, connect your device with the internet connection and then update the Roku software.
  • Once you complete the update, your device will restart and save the changes. After that, the activation will be displayed on your Roku device.
  • The Roku activation code is a combination of numbers and alphabets.
  • Keep the link code for the further activation process.

Roku Link Code Errors

If you face an issue while the Roku com link to enter code, in such case, you will not be able to log in to your Roku account or create a new one.


What are the causes for the errors of the activation code?

Link code activation error can be due to various reasons, which further creates hindrance in account activation. 

Internet connectivity issues

Check the Internet connection and ensure it is working accurately. The irregular or disrupted connection can be the prime reason for not   receiving the activation code. Check the internet connection as soon as you face any issue regarding Roku.Com Link Create Account.

Restarting the Roku system

If there are internal issues you might need to restart the system. If the error continues even after changing the internet connection, attempt restarting the system and try receiving the Roku TV link code again.

Factory reset

Even if after restarting the Roku the code doesn’t appear, you can factory reset the Roku. However, it erases all the settings and data that is saved on the device.


At times you get the activation link code but are still unable to use it. You should try using the same activation code. Even if it doesn’t work try getting the code a second time and try submitting the same activation code. It might work. However, if it is not working, there are chances that you might have entered the wrong activation code. Recheck the code accurately. 

Incase the Page, does not work

  1. Ensure that your internet connection is stable and has speed.  
  2. Reload the page repeatedly and check if the issue gets resolved.

Main Features of Roku com link 

  1.  Users can easily activate Roku from URL
  2.  The users can view various Roku channels, videos, etc available for streaming after the Roku com link to enter code.

Roku will only charge you for the things you buy and nothing extra. For Roku account creation there are no charges. You can enjoy the   unpaid channels on Roku with just account creation. Roku offers a broad range of free channels, which you can pick up and add to your favorites. However, if you choose a paid channel, then you can easily buy it with easy payment methods. You can add as many channels as you wish and endless entertainment. Once you add a new channel, Roku gets refreshed and then displays a message regarding the new channel addition. 

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