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Are you getting Roku Error code 009 messages? Don’t worry! The “Error Code 009” appears while using Roku for streaming content. When you see the 009 Roku error message, it means that the device has successfully connected with the router but not got connected with the Internet and Wi-Fi. It means your device is not identifying the wireless signal for your network. Hence, it shows an error message. “Unable to connect to the wireless network” or “Not connected to the internet” or “Error code 009” are some of them.

Getting this error message on your device? Don’t worry, follow some simple steps and you’ll be able to enjoy the streaming again. In simple words, your Roku device is attached to the router but not connected to the internet. It is common because your incoming connection is not working or not having a stable internet signal. “How to fix Roku Error Code 009” is a familiar question that will pop up in your mind. Usually restarting or resetting, a Roku device resolves various issues.


How to fix Roku Error Code 009?


Here is a list of solutions that you can follow to resolve the 009 Roku error message issues:


Restart your Router


When you are encountering Roku error code 009, resetting the router is a solution to the issue. In most instances, resetting the router resolves the error magically. Therefore, first, you must reset or restart the router when your Roku cannot connect with the internet.

In this process, you have to just restart the router and reconnect it with the Roku device. At last, verify if the issue has been resolved.


 Checking Network Connection 


There is the possibility of a slowdown of the internet connection, or the device gets disconnected from the internet connection. Therefore, you should verify your internet connection, whether it works correctly. Ensure that the devices are receiving wireless signals, and your Roku device is connected accurately.

As the Roku error code 009 is generally raised because of internet issues. Therefore, a user should check whether there is an issue with the internet connection or not.

The user can also try to perform the below method:

> Cut the power supply of the Wi-Fi device

> Re-plug it after a few minutes to avoid the problem of overheating of Wi-Fi device.

> Now, forget the network and reconnect it to the device to fix this issue

You should also contact your internet service provider. Ask them to check the connection problems. 


Amend the configuration of the network settings


If you still face 009 Roku error message issues, try to rectify the configuration of the network settings. The cause of connectivity problems can be the incorrect configuration of the network. The user can solve it with the below method.

  • Begin with opening the settings and log in to your Roku account.
  • Second, click on the System Restart option.
  • Choose the option of the Network Connection Reset option.

Wait for some time. Let the device complete the instructions and restart automatically. Now, set up a new Wi-Fi connection with the Roku device.


Update Router’s Firmware


An outdated router’s firmware can be a reason for facing Roku Software Error Code 009. Thus update your router’s firmware with no delay. Updating the firmware can maintain a router to work better. It even repairs annoying glitch or speeds up internet speed. 


Check the Roku device 


You also need to ensure that your device works flawlessly or not. In the event of your device is not working accurately, you will face the Roku Error Code 009.


 Additional methods to fix Roku error message 009


If you still face the issue, you can opt for some additional methods to solve this issue.

> Remove all the cables that connect all the devices with Roku. Then check whether there are any damaged cables.  

> Update the software of the Roku device to include added features to it.

> The router’s firmware is updated. You can now change the DNS settings. Open the advanced settings and then choose ACL/MAC address filtering. On selecting the ACL/MAC in the advanced settings, the Roku will be ready to go online. This may fix the 009 Roku error message.

> You can also solve this issue by getting the speed of your internet increased.


Reasons for Roku Error Code 009


> Poor, unstable, or faulty internet connection. These can be one of the most common reasons for the occurrence of Roku Error message. 

> Corrupted DNS configurations. It can also interrupt the communication process. 

> The incorrect activation code can also be a reason for the Roku error code 009.

> Loose or damaged cables.

> The error can also appear because of the server issues. 

> Device Configuration Problems prevent the device to connect to the internet. 


These steps will eliminate Roku error 009. As it mainly relates this error to your internet connectivity. Thus, with a good internet connection, you might never get these error messages. That’s it. I hope it helped. As you now know How to fix Roku Error Code 009, enjoy the comprehensive options of entertaining content with the best streaming device “Roku”. 


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