Roku Link Code Activation

Roku player is one of the best streaming players and rapidly establishing its place globally. It facilitates the best streaming channels with the requirement of you having a Roku account. And signing in to a Roku account requires Roku link code activation, after which your account activates. You are then able to stream as much as you want.


What is an Activation Code?


Roku activation code is the link code or activation link that the Roku user needs to fill in It enables the user to activate the Roku account and to further access the streaming services by Roku.


The beginning of receiving activation code


There are a lot of steps to receive the activation code. It begins with setting up your Roku device.


Steps to set up a Roku device


  1. The first step is connecting your Roku device with your TV unit. Firstly, establish a connection of the Roku device with the power plug and connect with the TV.
  2. The next you do is select the type of network. You can make a connection with the network of your choice, be it wireless or Ethernet.
  3. Thereafter, build a connection with your TV unit. The link you need to establish can be an HDMI connection, composite, or component connection.
  4. With this – the installation of the Roku device completes.


Starting the Roku player


Moving forward, it requires you to begin the working of the Roku player. It takes you a step ahead to Roku link code activation.

  1. To start the working of the Roku player, connect your Roku device with the power supply unit and into the power socket. The power connection enables the Roku to start. Once the Roku device starts, you will see the Welcome page or welcome screen of the Roku device.
  2. The next step is connecting the devices with the Internet connection. You can choose either of a wireless or wired connection or as supported by your devices.
  3. At this point, choose the display resolution following which you will require to enter the Roku activation link or the activation code. Entering the activation code will enable the connection activation of the Roku streaming player. The link or the activation code exhibits on the screen of your TV system.
  4. After that, create your Roku account to begin enjoying the streaming services. Follow the instructions given for creating the Roku account, and you will become a registered user in no time.

Problems regarding the Roku link code activation


There are times when users face issues or problems regarding the Roku activation link or activation code. As a user, you might be able to see the activation code, or you might not get the activation code. However, all of this will result in the non-registration of the activation link.


Roku link code activation error can be due to several reasons.

  1. One of the most common reasons for the issues with the activation code is poor connectivity. Therefore, always check your internet connection, if it is working and connected with the device.
  2. If the Internet is connected and there are no connectivity issues, check if you have followed all the steps required to set up the Roku device. Missing a step or getting it wrong can result in a Roku activation link error.
  3. Another root of the problem can be entering the wrong Roku activation Code.


How to get over the problem of Roku link code activation?


If you get an error on entering the link?

It can happen due to the typing error as sometimes we do type a word here and there, and it results in the non-working of the activation link. Try entering the Roku activation link the second time with diligence and care.


However, if the matter persists, You can try the following method:

There is a * button on the Roku remote. Press that button and then select the option for getting a new code for activation.

On getting the code, revisit the and fill in the new code.

Is your screen stuck on the activation page?

It can happen if you have entered the Roku activation Code as the processing takes some time. However, if you feel the screen gets stuck and nothing is happening. Try out the method below.


However, ensure that all other steps for setting up of Roku account are being followed.

  1.  Please check the error message you are receiving. If the error code is 001 – it simply means that there is a problem with the connectivity.
  2. Thereafter, Check the connection and see if you can set up Roku link code activation and activate your Roku account.

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What do you need to do to avoid the Roku link activation errors?


  1. Go to the link URL.
  2. It will require you to fill the activation link. Fill in the activation link with care and accuracy.
  3. After that, for establishing the connection, make sure that you get the best quality HDMI cable for establishing the connection.
  4. Prefer using a wireless connection for connecting the devices.
  5. Check all the connections and the joints if everything is connected properly.


Why do you need a Roku code for activation?


  1. It is a mandate or a requirement for activating your Roku device so that you can begin with the streaming of channels and your favorite shows.
  2. As it is a requirement for setting up your account, you will only be able to access all the services, live channels after Roku link code activation.




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