Roku Stick Setup

If you are trying to set your Roku stick for streaming, you are at the right place. Roku stick setup involves several steps from connecting the Roku stick to the TV and then joining the internet connection and finally setting up for streaming.


The step to connect the stick to the TV unit

The first step to setting the Roku stick begins with connecting the Roku streaming stick to the TV. Since you are trying to join a streaming stick, it has an inbuilt HDMI connector. You need to connect your streaming stick with the HDMI port on the Television unit.


Steps for Roku Stick Setup

> Connecting Roku with TV: To set up your streaming stick, connect the Roku streaming stick to your TV. The streaming stick connection is easy to make. It is easy to connect the streaming stick directly.

> Using HDMI extender, if required: If you are getting any issue in making a connection or connecting the streaming stick to the TV, You can also connect with the help of an HDMI extender.

> Establishing the connection: Now, connect your Roku stick to the USB port on your TV unit. Since you are using a Roku stick, you can use the USB cable to establish the connection.

> Connecting the TV with power: To create the connection and for Roku stick setup, first power on your TV. After joining the TV to the main electric plug, power on the TV using the remote. The remote you need to use here is the TV remote. Thereafter, you will be able to see the Roku stick symbol on the screen.

> Batteries and the Roku remote: Now that the TV unit is working, insert the power units/cells in the Roku remote. On the back-side of the remote, you will see a small chamber or a section. Place the batteries for the Roku remote to start working.

These are the pre-requisites or the initial steps to the setup of the Roku stick.

Setting the screen and activating the Roku streaming stick

Selecting the language of your choice

At this point, the TV is on. Both the remotes (both for the TV and the Roku) are working. When you start setting, the first screen that appears is with the settings option. You will need to select the language of your choice in which you will like to carry further activities. You can choose the language by using the arrow buttons in the drop-down menu.

Making a connection with the Internet

Scan all the available devices or the networks for the Internet. Choose your trusted and desired internet connection. If you are still unable to view the options, rescan to view the available networks. To make the connection, enter the password details. You also get a choice to view the password while typing. It is to make sure that you are entering the correct password. Once you enter the details, the device gets connected to the Internet.

Downloading the required software

For Roku stick setup completion, the device, after the connection, inspects the pending and required software. You might or might not need to download the software update. However, if called for, download the latest version and then reboot your system.

Configuring the settings

The Roku device is inbuilt that it inspects the connection (HDMI connection) and establishes the display resolution. You need not manually compose the settings. While linking is in process, ensure that all the devices are connected.

Enhanced Remote

Two types of Roku remote comes with Roku devices, the IR remote and the enhanced remote. To set up your enhanced remote, choose the settings. It helps in controlling the volume of the TV along with the power. For setting the remote, refer to the steps below:

> Go to the settings and find the remotes and devices.

> Go to the Remote option and do the settings for controlling the TV unit.

Creating your Roku account and activating your account to complete the steps

Creating and activating the Roku account is the final step for the Roku stick setup to start streaming. To start with the streaming and entertainment services, you must activate your Roku account.

> Activating a Roku account requires creating one if you previously do not have a Roku account. When you begin with the streaming, it will ask you to log in through your Roku account. If you have a Roku account, enter all the details required -Your email ID and password to log in.

> However, if you do not have a Roku account, create the Roku account using the sign-up button. The button is blue in color for you to identify.

> After that, the system will activate your Roku account. It is the mandatory step for the first time users of Roku or the one who is creating a Roku account. For activation of the Roku account, the Roku users receive an activation code. To use the activation code, visit, and enter the code. Thereafter, your Roku account is up for streaming.

Using the device

If you diligently follow all the steps, your device is set up for streaming. You can now stream all the entertainment channels and the shows.

Additional points to consider for Roku Stick Setup

While the Roku stick setup completes with the above points, you might need to consider the additional notes below.

  • The channel providers owe the responsibility for the translation of the shows as per your chosen language.
  • You will only get the option for the settings of volume if the remote you are using is Enhanced remote. Therefore, it is only available if the Roku streaming stick model you are using is for the years after 2017.
  • The creation of the Roku account is free of cost.

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