Roku TV Error 001

The Roku TV error 001 is related to the error faced by users in terms of activation code. While activating or creating a Roku account, the users shall receive an activation code. This code is then further required to set up the account. When you are facing issues with the activation code be it you are not receiving the activation code, the screen freezes on activation code or it is not accepting the code entered, all this signifies error 001 of Roku.


What is a Roku activation code?

As you by now know what error code 001 signifies. To understand it better, the user shall know what the activation code is and why do you require an activation code.

Activation code is the link code that users enter by logging or visiting the and then activate the Roku account to stream and enjoy Roku services.


What are all the signs for Roku TV Error 001?

There are a lot of things that happen when there is Roku error code 001.

  • The screen of the Roku TV freezes on the activation page.
  • You do not receive an activation code for activation.
  • You enter the code but it implies an error of activation.

How do you fix Roku TV Error 001?

To activate the account, entering the Roku code is a mandate. The users cannot stream through Roku if you do not create an account and login through the Roku account. To login, the user must receive and enter the link code.


Entering the activation code

If there is Roku TV Error 001, the foremost step is to enter the correct code carefully and activate the Roku account.

  • Visit the link and go to the access option
  • You all receive an activation code at this point, check the code, write it down or summarize it carefully and enter or fill in space.
  • When the user fails to enter the code correctly, it displays the activation code.
  • Adding further, the code or the one-time password generated at this point is only applicable for a specified time. It shall be used within the given time and if not used, you will need to generate another one.
  • To generate another code when the first one does not work or the time period expires for the code, use the HELP button. It will guide you to generate a new activation code.

The issues with the network connection

Another reason for the 001 Roku error is the problem with the network connection. You can try fixing the network connection too for resolving the error.


There can be so many reasons for the error even when you think the network connection is proper and there is internet supply too. There are times when the network is connected properly. However, at the end of the service provider, the connection is not stable but has poor connectivity. You can cross-check the connectivity by trying to login to another website or loading other pages.

  • In case of Roku TV error 001, do a connection check in both cases even when you are using Ethernet or cable network connection or wireless services.
  • Check the wired connectivity of the cable and reconnect it properly.
  • When you using the wireless system, it involves rechecking the settings of the router and Roku TV both.
  • You need to navigate through the menu and the settings option for network settings. Use the up-down buttons for navigation.
  • Go to Settings>Network>Check connection settings.
  • You can also reach out to your service provider if you find everything in place. The poor connection and slow speed of the Internet also result in the Roku Error 001 that creates problems in the activation.

Can serves issues result in Roku Error code 001?

Yes, definitely it can be one of the reasons for the error code. Though it is not a common occurrence but it surely does contribute to activation error.

It happens when there is a faulty line at the end of the server. When you are trying to fix the error code through the server, ensure that the Roku TV screen is normal. It does not turn purple. The steps to fix the server issues are as follow:

  • The first step is to know the IP address. The full form of IP is internet protocol. It is important to know the IP address when you are fixing the server issue for Roku TV error 001. An IP address is by which you can spot the device on the Internet. It is distinctive for every user.
  • You will be able to know the IP address with the help of a DNS server.
  • The next step is building or establishing communication with the HTTP port and you can do this by opening the IP socket.
  • At this point, check if you getting the data when you establish the communication. If you are successful in getting the data, it implies that the IP address can be further used to reconnect through the server.
  • It is how you can resolve the error 001 that happens due to server issues.

Stuck screen

There are times when you will see that after entering the activation code the screen is stuck on the code activation page or it shows the Roku error code 001, another reason is not following all the steps properly for activation and creation of an account. In such a case, you can reset your Roku TV. You do not have to directly jump to factory reset which erases every setting on the device. Perform soft reset, it will restart the TV and warm up the screen.


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