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Brought a new Roku at home? And want to enjoy streaming, follow these Roku Setup steps and get it up and running. User-friendly remote and mobile app helps in controlling the Roku device with a lot of ease. Further, Unique and compelling features make Roku TV an extraordinary smart TV experience. Here are the steps on How to setup Roku

Unbox the Roku: Unpack it, make connections, and then follow the setup instructions. 

Insert batteries in the remote control: Your Roku device comes with remote control and a pair of matched batteries of the proper size. Open the back cover of the remote and insert the batteries. After that, close the back cover.


How to Setup Roku


Turn on the device

Plug your Roku device into power with the provided power adapter or cord. The first thing you’ll notice on the screen is the Roku power-up page.


Choose a language

Choose the language used for the on-screen Roku menu system. Scroll up and down the list and select the OK button on your Roku TV remote to select a language.


Connect your Roku device to the internet 

Connect your Roku device with your network for internet access. For Roku streaming sticks use wireless connections and for Roku boxes and Roku TV setup, you can opt for both wired and wireless connectivity options. If using WiFi, pick up your wireless network from the list of available networks, and enter your password. Once you enter your password select Connect.


How to Setup Roku with a wireless router


  • For a wireless connection setup, your Roku device automatically scans for available networks within range.
  • Find and choose your wireless network from the available listing of networks. 
  • If your home network does not appear, choose Scan again to see all networks and see if it appears.
  • After choosing the network, the device checks if the Wi-Fi and internet connection are working accurately. If it does not, please check if you have picked the correct network.
  • Once Roku confirms the connection to the network, it requires you to enter your network password. Then select connect after entering a password. If the password entered is accurate, You’ll get a confirmation that your Roku setup has been completed with a wireless router. On the other hand, if the password is incorrect please recheck and try once again.


Update Software

Once you know How to Setup Roku with the wireless network connection and the connection is confirmed, you may see a notification that a software update is available. If there is an update available, let Roku go through the update process.


Set the display type

Your Roku device will analyze the HDMI connection and will automatically detect the resolution capability you do not have to manually change the settings. You can change this later whenever you want. To change the display, go to settings and then to display type. 


Roku Enhanced Remote

 In almost all scenarios, the Roku remote works automatically. On the other hand, if it requires pairing, you’ll see a message and instructions on your TV screen. If you possess a Roku Enhanced Remote that’s equipped with selected Roku devices, the Check Remote Settings option will arrive and automatically set up the remote to manage the power and volume of your TV. 

Add: How to pair Roku remote


Create a Roku account

For Roku setup Create an account by going to Roku’s signup page. Generate username and password. Provide basic personal information like name, address, zip, and also provide payment information. There is NO charge to create a Roku account. The payment information requested is for a quick and easy process for content rental fees, public purchases, or a payable additional subscription. Your Roku account keeps a record of which Roku devices you have and in addition, it enables you to add free and paid channels from the Roku Channel Store easily and quickly. 

Roku device’s activation instructions will be displayed on your TV, consisting of an activation code that would be a mix of numbers and alphabets; For example, “SB5PG”. Then you will be needed to visit from your Desktop/laptop, tablet, or mobile phone and enter the code number. Finally, follow the instructions to activate your Roku TV. You will get to see a message that ‘ You are all set up.’


Channel Selection

After Roku setup, you can watch thousands of paid and free channels. Roku Home Menu enables you to access the channels/apps selection. If the home menu does not appear, click the right arrow near the “All done” messageRoku streaming player has the Roku Channel Store to add new channelsAfter adding the desired channels, you can now enjoy your Roku.

By now, you know how to setup Roku very well. But the Roku TV setup has some additional steps.


 Extra steps to follow for Roku TV Setup


. Roku TV is a smart TV with a built-in TV display, a simple and straightforward to use customizable home screen, simple interface. You can stream unlimited content over the internet, watch live TV by connecting an aerial, and access connected devices like a cable set-top box. Moreover, fast and easy search, easy-to-use remote makes it one of the best smart Tv.

Some extra required and optional setup methods to make it compatible with the rest of your home theater.


Choose home use

If you are not setting up your Roku TV for use as a store display, select Set up for home use. It sets default video settings to the lighting conditions in a home setting. 


Connect your devices

If you have not previously done this during the initial Roku Tv setup, connect your devices to your TV at any time. Devices such as your Blu-ray, cable box, DVD player, game console or VCR. If you are using your Roku TV with external audio devices like a soundbar or home theater receiver you need to connect these as well. Turn on all of your connected devices. The Roku TV can detect certain kinds of devices, so it indicates you to turn them on prior proceeding ahead. When it is set, choose everything is plugged in and turned on, and then follow the easy prompts to perform this step for every input. Select the OK button, and then again an Ok to verify that everything is plugged in and turned on.


Assign Input Names

Next, it asks you to assign a name and icon to the device. You can select from a pre-selected drop-down menu or choose Set Custom Name to customize the input name and pick an icon from an accessible selection. The screen will further display a window displaying the program working on the device connected to the input. Utilize the up and down arrow buttons on the remote to scroll over the list, then push the OK button to choose your preference. Redo this step for all inputs until you arrive at the All done screen.


 Optional–Connecting an Antenna

 Your Roku Tv setup can be done with an antenna as well. They provide Roku TVs with an ATSC tuner that allows access to TV programming via antenna or non-scrambled cable channels without a box. Initially, when you choose the Live TV title on the Home screen, the TV shows you to scan for channels. Follow the given instructions on the screen to finish this step. Thereafter you’ll be all ready to watch your local broadcast or non-scrambled cable channels.

As now your Roku Setup is completed and the device is all set up and running, you can explore all the unlimited streaming content that Roku provides and enjoy streaming. 



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