The Name Roku came From Japanese Language, Roku Mean in Japanese language 'six'. Roku Is the Sixth Company that Roku CEO Anthony Wood Stared.


Roku Setup:

Roku SetupIs Very Easy or Simple. Roku provides you all the top of media Channels and apps with Roku Account. In Which Some of them are paid and some of Free. When You wish to do the Roku Account Setup then you have to fill in the information.


Roku Setup Setups:

Unbox the Roku:

When You buy Roku Box then With Roku you get Roku Device, Remote, battery, Micro USB Cable, HDMI Cable, Power adapter, double side Tape.


Connect You Roku Device:

There are two main types of Roku devices, which will need in your tv to have at least one HDMI port.

Roku Player- like a box, Comes with required cables.

Roku Stick- like flash Drive, Comes with at two cables.

All the HDTV have HDMI port. HDMI port looks like a trapezoid. It mentioned the Back of the Tv.


Roku player setup -

Plug one side HDMI cable into the Back ofRoku Player, and plug another end into the HDMI port back of the TV.

Plug one end micro USB back of Roku playeranother plug into an electrical outlet with help Power adapter.

Insert the battery in the remote. then Power on Your Roku Player or turn on Your Roku Device.

Press the Input Key or Source key on the TV remote. Select the HDMI Port which port You have to connect your Roku player. then screen will open for Roku's Setup.


Select The Language:

Use the Roku remote scroll down Select the language English press ok. English language is easy for setup Roku.


Connect with Network:

Roku setup, Connect Your Roku player with Your WIFI network. Select your WIFI network name, and put in iD and the password for setup Roku. You can also use Ethernet Cable For Internet.


Activate Your Roku:


Enter the Code

Complete setup on the web.

For Activate Your Roku Device You have to enter the Alpha-Numeric Code which is mentioned in middle on the screen. So Now You have to Setup the Roku account.


Payment Method:

Last step for Completing Setup Roku Account, it asks for the payment information. Enter your preferred payment information like credit, debit or Paypal. when you will enter the payment method on your Roku Account then there is no charge for the same. But that is the process of Roku Setup which You can use to take some Channel Subscription on Roku. After this Information Your Roku Setup Account will Complete.


Link Your Device:

Login your Roku Account and click on Link Device Then enter your Code in your Roku Account which was mentioned on the screen. Then follow the instructions one by one which you getting on the screen to link your Roku Device. Your Roku Device linked with your Roku account when this process will be complete.

On Roku Device You can Watch thousand of Channels, but in which some of them are paid and some of them are free. Free Channels You Will Be getting like- Some of the movies channels, Roku Channels, Vevo, pluto, Pbs Kids. seventy To Eighty Channels Free with Roku. And all the paid channels you can also watch on Roku Device but For that, you should have of those channels Subscription, like- Netflix, Hulu, Etc.


How To Setup Roku TV:

Roku TV offers the best smart TV experience on the market. Roku TV is a Smart Tv that Is simply easy to use. If You Trying to Setup RokuTv then you have to have Roku Account and Follow the All Step which is required for setup any device. You can buy any models of Roku TV ranging from 24"HD Small screen to 75" big screen With 4k HDR. Roku Account is very important for Each Roku Device. If you have Roku Account then You Don't Need to Setup the Roku Account.


Step For Set up Roku TV:

Turn on your Roku TV and use the Roku Tv remote Scroll Down for Select The language. After Select, the language connect your Roku TV with the WIFI. Once your RokuTV will Connect With the Internet. then screen Will Come with Setup YourRoku Account on Web. If You have Roku Account then go to and sign up in Your Roku Account, enter your code which you getting on the RokuTv screen. select the room where you trying to set up Roku TV. select your Cable provider name And satellite if you have a subscription. Select You paid Channels If you have a subscription-like- Netflix, Hulu, etc. After All These processes, your RokuTv Ready To Go.

RokuTv Access Your cable box, you can use HDTV Antenna and start with lots of movies and TV episodes available.


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