Are you getting an ¨Error Message¨ on Screen? We can Help! We are very experienced & keep Up with all the latest changes, in the innovation and entertainment world. Which enables us to help you discover the online world of streaming content.

Link Activation

Our goal is to provide Live 1 ON 1 assistance with any streaming stick or box? Regardless of what device you might have. We provide experienced professional assitance. Who will make things happen.

Tv Setup

Can´t find your channel? That´s a problem we can solve. If this occurs you´ve come to the right place. We’ll help you guide, navigate and address the issue. Our 1 ON 1 Live Agents will solve it immediately. You can rest assured it will be available when you want.

Activation Code

We have configured & activated a wide range of streaming devices & TV´s. Our 1 ON 1 Live Remote Agents are experienced in Setting-Up large number of devices & TV sets. You can always depend on us to fix them all!


Is this the first time utilizing or configuring a streaming device? Well don't be shocked if it requires set-up assistance by professionals. It can really become an issue, in any case. We are here to help you. We will quickly put your stress to bed. Our Live 1 ON 1 Agents provide Step by Step Assistance.
The whole process is guaranteed to work. You get the right device configuration and TV-Set-Up in the blink of an eye.


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