Why is Netflix Not Working on My Roku TV?

In this era of digitization, “Netflix and Chill” has become the new normal. To bridge the gap between this new normal and your entertainment, Roku TV helps connect your smart TV with a streaming device. Once the device is activated, you can easily binge on Netflix and enjoy uninterrupted services on a big screen. However, often people complain that Why is Netflix not working on my Roku TV.

Don’t worry! Sometimes apps like Netflix may suffer an issue and the reasons can be many like the subscription is finished, back end issue, activation problem, or obsolete system. Even sometimes the Roku Activation process is incomplete which can also lead to this issue where some apps do not work properly.

Instead of worrying about why Netflix not working on Roku TV, let’s dig in and find the root cause of this problem. In this blog, let’s discuss how you can solve the problem and how to re-activate Netflix on Roku TV.

Stop Crashing Netflix on Roku: In case, your Netflix is crashing again and again on Roku, then it is advised to properly stop the app so that it does not harm other apps and TV. Once the app is completely stopped, activate its troubleshooter to analyze the issue.

Check for Updates: One of the major reasons behind Netflix not working is obsolete software. Maybe you have not updated your TV settings. In case, your Roku TV encounters any such error, make sure you update your settings and fix back end errors for smooth entertainment. Updating the software can sometimes alone holds the answer to Why is Netflix not working on my Roku TV.

Check the subscription: If you are a new Roku TV user, then you may fall into this trap. Often Netflix subscription is enabled on mobiles and ipads, but people forget to enable it on their smart TVs. When you find that Netflix isn’t working, the first and foremost thing is to check if the subscription is activated or not. Have a look if the account is logged in on the device, if not, then do it immediately to add Netflix on your TV.

De-activate Netflix on Roku: If you are done with updates and troubleshooting phase but the problem still exists, then the best viable option is to deactivate your Netflix account on Roku. The idea behind is to deactivate and then re-activate the account so that it can work again. For Deactivation, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Open Roku and Click on Settings
  2. Go on Netflix Settings
  3. Hit ‘Deactivate’ button
  4. Confirm your choice when prompted

Once you have deactivated the account, switch off your Roku for 10 minutes, and then restart the connection. After Roku is properly activated, go on settings and re-activate Netflix for smooth streaming.

Re-download and Restart the app: After the deactivation and reactivation process, if Netflix is still not working on Roku TV and there is still confusion that Why is Netflix not working on my Roku TV. Another thing you have to do is re-download the Netflix App and restart it. Roku TV is one of the excellent streaming devices, having hundreds of options to stream. For hassle-free Netflix binging, re-download the app on your Smart TV and re-establish the connection with a switch-off and on.

Update your Roku: Sometimes many apps fail to work is because Roku is not updated. Next time you find this issue, update your Roku that will remove all the bugs, solve back end issues, and will amend the device working. It is always advisable to keep the app and the streaming device up-to-date for bug fixes and enhanced performance. Also, don’t forget to check if there is any update available on your Smart TV and Roku so that the connection remains intact.

Reset your Roku Device: This is one of the essential parts of the activation and resetting process. Whether your Roku is new or old, if you are changing the settings or updating the device, reset is mandatory. If you are facing troubles like Netflix is not working, then also you can follow the resetting process and activate the device once again. Update and Reboot your Roku, switch it off, and give it some time to re-establish the connection with apps and the smart TV. This will improve the back end settings and will enhance your entertainment experience.

Reinstall Netflix: If you have reset the Roku, then there are high chances Netflix App will get deleted. The last and final step is to download and re-install Netflix on Roku so that you can enjoy watching web series and movies on Netflix continuously.

Roku is an amazing futuristic device that guarantees the best streaming experience. May it be Netflix or Amazon Prime or any other streaming app, Roku connects your Smart TV with it so that you can enjoy watching your favorite shows on a large screen. However, sometimes back end troubles can hamper your experience, for that follow these steps and reap the best from Roku TV Streaming Device. Now you know that Why is Netflix not working on My Roku TV, enjoy endless and fast streaming on your Roku.


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